Dhiraj Gupta

CTO & Co-founder

Dhiraj comes from a telecom background where everything was getting into digital at that point of time leaving to only two options of 0 or 1 (is or is not), he realised there is a lot of ambiguity in the digital advertising industry, which goes contrary to its name.

Leveraging the fundamentals of telecommunications and blending them with emerging technology stacks of AI and ML, he co-founded mFilterIt by developing an indigenous solution which was fuelled by the aspiration of making in India for the world.

Today, he leads the global technology and operations of mFilterIt, serving customers across the globe helping them enable trust and integrity in the digital ecosystem. As a technology architect, what makes him proud yet humble is that mFilterIt’s technology is being used by some of the leading technology first organisations in the world. This is one of the biggest recognitions of mFilterIt’s technology design and implementation.  

He has been appearing on various key global forums advocating the need for adding a way for everyone to having trust that exists through the digital value chain. Assuring brands and agencies on their spends will go a long way in them getting better ROAS and hence benefiting the digital ecosystem. He loves to speak on this subject along with industry peers on very engaging panels as that helps to stitch the thought to the broader narrative.

BOTs are equally interesting in the digital world as they are physical space. Identifying and demarcating between a bad and a good BOT in the digital world is his job and he loves to develop technologies for them. This is like a cat and mouse game and he is excited to participate in a way of beating the bad guys! In his leisure time, he equally cherishes DIY projects and develops robots and autonomous technologies.