John Stuckey

Managing Director
Mobile Digital

John has been in the Information Technology industry since the mid 80's when he worked with IBM.  He has an enviable career in sales, but admits to having zero marketing skills. Prior to this current role with MobileDigital John held Managing Director roles at new and innovative technology companies including,  Australia's first and largest Business to Business internet company, MYInternet  Australia's first walled internet experience for over 5,000 schools,  QSI Payments - Australia's first pure  Internet Payments provider,  and Comindico Australia's $350 million first experiment into a National Voice Over IP  Network. 

In 2013 John's wife Eibhlis founded MobileDigital and in 2015 dragged him out of his sailing-based drinking and eating lifestyle to put a business framework around her software vision. The company is a great Australian start-up story that Eibhlis can take all the credit for. It's  gone from her idea  to  now servicing some of  Australians most recognisable brands, clients in the UK and with eyes on the US market. John will be joined on stage by one of their Australian clients who will share how they use the software, their results, and what it's like to work with Eibhis and her team.