The Cue story began in swinging '60's London. Law student Rod Levis was holidaying in the British capital of cool and became caught up in the new youth culture spearheaded by Carnaby St, the 'London Look" and The Beatles! On arriving home, and sensing a gap in the market for youth driven fashion, Rod started selling shirts embroidered with The Beatles in 1964, in line with their Australian tour. Revolutionary in his approach he secured heavy rotation advertising on Sydney's Top 40 radio station creating a buzz that led to a sell-out range. He sensed the demand for young fashion was strong, and quickly opened his first store Levis's. Playing top 40 music, stocking young Australian designers including Pure Acton along with London's own Mary Quant, and Levis's own label, produced by Carla Zampatti at the start of her career. People flocked to the store - i was an instant hit!