Starting in the late 90's and continuing for over a decade, TV - Music - Movies - Newspapers - Magazines - Books and other Media Industry players endured a level of disruption and change that had not been seen since the industrial revolution a few centuries earlier. It’s very likely that your industry and business is muscling through similar challenges right now Gus will deliver a presentation focused on the adaptability required to chase an ever changing customer. These are lessons learnt over decades of market disruption and business transformation in a variety of industries. His lessons are full of common sense and easy to implement immediately. His presentation is relevant to all size businesses from all industries, private and public as it focuses on simple yet powerful concepts of change, adaptability, transformation, technology and innovation and how we can easily forget the customer and focus our efforts on the business instead. Let Gus take you behind the scenes to understand what companies did right and wrong during these decades of unparalleled change. The lessons he shares can be applied to all modern business and individuals facing market shifts and the relentless pace of technology. He is candid and full of energy. He will make you laugh hard and equally think deeply about the puzzles of running a business. His common sense will disarm you and his practical approach will get you moving on Monday first thing!