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2023 Speaker Line-up

Becs Percasky

Better Packaging Co.

Rebecca has had a lifelong passion for positive environmental change coupled with a desire to
do better business.
She began her career working with multinationals (Vodafone, HP and IBM) to deliver complex tech
implementations involving numerous moving parts.
As COO and co-founder of tech start-up StarShipIT, she was responsible for partnering with courier
companies and expanding its market penetration. Working so closely with the rapidly expanding
eCommerce industry, Rebecca became cognisant about the growing repercussions of the
amount of packaging waste being generated. When researching alternatives to plastic, Rebecca
realised she could and was highly inspired to do packaging better. That was the genesis of her
collaboration with Kate Bezar and The Better Packaging Co was born in March 2018.
She’s now on a mission to find the world’s most sustainable packaging solutions, solutions that
consider the complete lifecycle impact of a product and transforming these into readily available
mainstream packaging options. Her mission is to remove the waste associated with packaging
through innovative materials, systems re-think, communication and education and clever
design. Her vision is a world where rubbish bins as we know them don’t exist, where everything
including waste has a value.
She not only wants to create a waste free world but is striving to create a better way of working
that is underpinned by the company’s core values integrity, authenticity, design, innovation,
education and sustainability.