All you need to know about iMedia Business Connect

Compulsory networking event that kicks off Day 1 of the summit. It's named delegates' favourite event year-on-year!

Business Connect is a fundamental part of iMedia. This session gives industry's practitioners and leading solution providers the chance to meet and discuss business challenges together in an informal environment. 

How it works

  • Quick-fire introductions + targeted networking
  • All delegates will have the ability to accept or decline meetings
  • Fill your schedule with 10 confirmed meetings to maximise your experience
  • All industry practitioners and networkers must select 10 meetings for a duration of 10 minutes each
  • Watch the tutorial video at the bottom of this page


Setting up Meetings

Business Connect is a key icebreaker of the summit - it enables quick-fire introductions and targeted networking!

  • Complete your profile: Fill in a bit about yourself, what you do at your company. We can match you based on what you select.
  • Sending out requests? Always send a brief message with your meeting request. Write what you can offer and personalise it! Remember - our industry practitioners get heavily inundated with requests.
  • Not hearing back? Contact your account manager with the names of people who you wish to meet with. We will do our best to help you build your network.


2 Hour One to One

This is it - your time to shine! Our marketers will be meeting with a number of people, here are a couple of tips for the afternoon!

  • Be memorable; you can bring something to hand out or leave with the person you have met with to remember your company by such as a one pages and/or branded swag
  • Come prepared; you only have 10 minutes with each person you have booked to meet. Do your research on those meetings you have set up - don't go in with a hard sell - have a conversation and back it up with case studies
  • Have your schedule ready; the team will give you a map of registration - we are here to help if you have gaps to fill.
  • Scan every badge for every person you meet with so you have their details in your contact list at the end of the event to follow up with.