Chris Wong

General Manager Business
NZ Post

Chris Wong, General Manager of Business position at NZ Post and over the past 12 years has held executive and general management roles in the services and technologies sectors. Chris is now a Director of Fliway, a NZ Post owned company. An engineer by training, with broad experience across product, marketing, sales, and operations, he spent three years on the senior executive team of New Zealand’s leading digital payments business Paymark.

Throughout his career, Chris has had the opportunity to lead teams across several different industries and international markets and has had experience across product & software development, B2B and B2C marketing, strategy, transformation, sales, pricing, project delivery, customer operations and HR.

Chris has a proven track record of driving growth in new and existing markets. He has a particular interest in e-commerce and tracking trends in consumer retail and what it means for New Zealand businesses and is a thought leader in delivering the best e-commerce insights for NZ Post.