Partnerships: better together

Partnerships: better together

Partnership and collaborations are all around us. From Kayne West recording with Paul Macartney, Whittakers bringing back hundreds and thousands, to Walmart's recently announced partnership with BuzzFeed.

We all know that partnerships need to be more than a simple mix-n-mash of products or platforms. The best partnerships create something bigger than the sum of what we each can create on our own. They create new value.

The online retail world is no stranger to partnerships – its built-on partnership, on collaboration, and the sharing of ideas as we all strive to grow the market. We know that we can do more when we work together. We know that our opportunities increase when we help others win. A win for our partner is a win for ourselves.

But not all partnerships are created equal. Sometimes those partnerships are obvious, sometimes they come from unlikely sources. Some work brilliantly, and some fail. Some last the course whilst many fall at the first hurdle. Wouldn't it be good to know how to work better together without hindsight?

Online Retail Summit is designed as the perfect environment to develop new relationships and partnerships, learn about building successful collaborations, and to share knowledge. Join us to be informed and inspired by leading brands, suppliers and experts on the value of better partnerships.

See you there.