These are our Keynote Speakers for 2023


Amna Karra-Hassan

Founder and President of the Auburn Giants Australian Football club

Imagine starting an AFL team with no funding, no coach and no experience. It takes a strong woman who’s not afraid to break all the rules to tackle a task this insurmountable. It takes Amna Karra-Hassan.
The Founder and President of the Auburn Giants Australian Football Club, Amna has pioneered programs for women of minority communities in Western Sydney. As a woman and a Muslim, her road to greatness wasn’t an easy one. But Amna derives her strength from adversity and uses her influence to change the conversation on intersectionality, inclusion and gender parity.
An active leader in the community, she’s also worked for the Australian Federal Police and previously served on numerous government boards. Amna’s presentation style is candid and cheeky - a true inspiration with a wicked sense of humour. She pulls no punches and says it like it is and will engage you at every level, opening your eyes to what can be done when everyone says that it can’t.




Jess Hatzis

CMO/Co-Founder Frank Body and Founder of Willow & Blake

Jess Hatzis is the co-founder and CEO of Willow & Blake, an agency that specialises in creating and building brands from scratch.
She is also the co-founder and CMO of the iconic and disruptive global skincare brand, frank body.
 Willow & Blake has played a pivotal role in building some of the world’s best-known start-ups and direct-to-consumer brands and works in a studio capacity with some of the world’s best-known organisations.
 Frank body was born three years later as an experiment to see what could be achieved when they retained full end-to-end control of a brand, enabling them to build a strong and cohesive experience for consumers with a strong focus on language; knowing too well the capacity words and tone have to make or break a brand. The rest as they say is history; frank body now has offices throughout the world and a recent valuation of over $100m.
 Jess is passionate about supporting women in the workplace and proudly sits at the helm of two businesses whose board of directors consists of a minimum 50% female seats. This, to Jess, is crucial to leading a strong, female-led workforce and the next generation of women in leadership.



Mark Mathews

Award Winning Speaker

As a world class big wave surfer, Red Bull Athlete and Surf Contest Director Mark Mathews has become obsessed with the relationship between personal growth, high performance and fulfilment.
Winner of an unprecedented 3 back to back Oakley Big Wave Awards, Mark has cemented himself as one of the best big wave surfers in the world.
As a highly sought after international speaker, Mathews’ surfer chill vibe and magnetic charisma, has graced the stages of leading companies worldwide.
From Google, Sony, Intel, to MasterCard, he instantly captures audiences with his epic tales and spectacular big wave surf vision.
His compelling story offers game changing tips to adapt to stress, harness resilience and perform when it counts. He has deconstructed, fine-tuned, and personalised emotional resilience techniques to successfully strengthen ones mindset and sustain long term performance.


Pure Play Marketplace Panel

nimrod kalman lazar emmagarland

Nimrod Ganon
Co-Founder at KG Electronic

Kalman Polak

Lazar Monin
Director of Marketplace at

Emma Garland
Director at The Block Shop


Rhiannon Tracey

Executive Director
The Next Step Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Centre

After a pool accident made her a quadriplegic just before her 21st Birthday, Rhiannon’s big plans  for the future were suddenly put on hold. Understandably, she initially struggled to come to terms  with her diagnosis of never walking again, but Rhiannon’s tenacious drive and determination saw  her set out to prove the doctors wrong.  

Everything happens for a reason. While it took many years to believe it, Rhiannon says her injury  has given her a newfound purpose she never felt before, enabling her life to blossom into what it  is today. In addition to now being able to walk short distances with the assistance of crutches,  drive as well as own and ride her horse Henry, Rhiannon has also; started a spinal injury  rehabilitation charity and recovery centre called The Next Step, become the Napoleon Makeup  Academy’s first ever quadriplegic graduate, launched her own freelance makeup business, grown  an impressive blog and social media following and forged a career as a motivational speaker and  became the first female on wheels to dominate the catwalk at the 2019, Melbourne Fashion Week.  

In 2016, Rhiannon was named Cosmopolitan’s ‘Game Changer’ Woman of the Year and has also  been awarded 2012 Young Australian of the Year, 2013 Women’s Day Women of the Future  nominee, 2014 Access & Inclusion Australia Day Award recipient, 2015 Wings for Life World Run  Australian Ambassador and in 2019 joined a group of remarkable women raising awareness for  Women’s Mental Health by becoming a spokesperson and ambassador for Liptember. This  woman certainly doesn’t do things by halves!  

Channelling her vivacious energy and passion for living life on her own terms, Rhiannon has  become a highly sought-after speaker, sharing her story at schools, corporate events, small  businesses and workshops. Rhiannon authentically speaks about the journey that has not just  led her from grief to goddess, but to where she is today. A total girl boss and a practising Life  Coach, Rhiannon openly speaks about how she overcame her own heartbreak and mental health  related issues due to her public marriage breakdown, while delivering her take on the power of  positivity, goal setting and most importantly how to make sure those goals are achieved and your  cup is always full! 

In 2019, Rhiannon was snatched up by the prestigious Model and Talent Agency, Bella as the  need for Diversity within both the modelling and fashion industries was becoming apparent and  has since been the go-too for designers and brands wanting to feature “real” and “diverse” women  in their fashion campaigns and showcases as well as being the first disabled women to wheel the  runway at Melbourne Fashion Week in 2019. 

Rhiannon shares her life with raw honesty, amassing a loyal following who love her colourful,  uplifting posts. Equal parts holistic health goddess and fearless boss, Rhiannon knows that in  order to give the best of herself to others she needs to fill up on self-love, nutritious and delicious  food, relaxation and heartfelt intention. In fact, Rhiannon has learnt so much since her accident  and has changed her life in more positive ways than she imagined, she will soon write her first  book. Rhiannon plans to pen an all-encompassing lifestyle guide incorporating nutrition,  spirituality, animal therapy, beauty, fashion and so much more.  

Unsurprisingly, Rhiannon’s flawless feminine style and contagious positive energy have made  her a favourite for brands looking to glean touch of her sparkle. Rhiannon has worked with a  range of fashion and beauty brands including Auguste The Label, Levi’s, Garbo & Kelly and The  Base Collective as well as corporate speaking clients such as Lend Lease and VIC Roads.  

Powerful, graceful and beautiful inside and out, Rhiannon is the absolute definition of an authentic  influencer.