Online Retail Summit: Pure Play 3 - 5 July 2023
Gold Coast | Australia

Below are some of the retailers and businesses that attended the 2022 iMedia Online Retail Summit: Pure Play



2022 Keynote and Content Highlights


Business Connect

The Business Connect session on Day 1 allowed all attendees to secure up to TEN 1:1 meetings with prospective business partners and collaborators - all of which are locked in prior to the event.

This session is the ultimate ice breaker to kick off the event!


Connections and Networking

The iMedia Summit format allows many formal and informal networking opportunities. Connections established at iMedia events have gone on to form hugely successful long-term business partnerships and innovative collaborations.


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iMedia is the event of the year. Over 3 days you are able to connect with your peers, meet current and potential new suppliers. All while you hear fantastic content from leading local and global experts. An event not to be missed.

Julia Bucalina, Head of eCommerce ANZ, Under Armour

iMedia is the event to attend if you are wanting to connect with others within our industry and share experiences, pain points and solutions. I would highly recommend attending iMedia in the future.

Jaylon Martin, eCommerce Manager, Australia Sports Nutrition

This event is incredible. The talent of the organisers sits within the facilitation of a digital app for ease of attendees, conference content and organised networking. The roundtables and breakout chats were the best. Beyond the actual content the quality of the venue, the quality of the events and activities is beyond the usual setup in Australia. Considering the relaxed environment that vendors and retailers are in, it also assists with building human connections. I will be back!

Elle Bugge, Digital Marketing Manager, Jo Mercer

I can't speak highly enough about the calibre of iMedia and the value derived from the relationships and industry knowledge that is presented. We've now engaged in several key businesses as a direct result of the contact made with sponsors at this iMedia event. 

Loren Arthur, Digital Marketing & Strategy, Innovaderma

Simply cannot recommend this enough. An exceptionally rich smorgasbord of industry insights, coupled with enlightening tech demos. We've walked away with no less than six exciting capabilities to incorporate into our efforts.

Grant Collins, Digital Marketing, Village Roadshow Theme Parks