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Dropshipzone is Australia’s leading B2B2C marketplace. Launched in Melbourne in 2012,
Dropshipzone was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We’ve created an ecosystem
that connects Aussie suppliers, retailers and customers. At Dropshipzone, we’re reimagining the
possibilities of ecommerce, introducing new technologies to democratise business ownership,
and inspiring entirely new categories of business.

Why Dropshipzone?

Sell more, more often
You sell more products, more often with less cost and effort on Dropshipzone.

Expand channel coverage
You can connect with thousands of Aussie retailers and reach new markets.

Dedicated team
You get personalised and prompt support from a Melbourne-based team.

Easy to use
You can upload products, edit listings and manage orders from anywhere.

Save on marketing costs
You save on customer acquisition costs by selling on Dropshipzone.

Simple commission structure
You only pay as you sell. One rate, no hidden fees.

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