Online Retail Summit: Pure Play 3 - 5 July 2023
Gold Coast | Australia

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theme announcement

In 2022 the theme for our event was:
Evolution: the essence of success

In business, like biology, it is not the biggest that are successful, nor the strongest, or the smartest. Success comes to those that are most responsive to change. Australia, like the rest of the world, has experienced ten years of change during Covid. We have seen changes to our way of life, our attitudes, our behaviours, and especially the way we shop. All leading to exponential growth in eCommerce.

Digital businesses have succeeded by evolving the way they merchandise, sell, finance, and ship their products and services to stay one step ahead of the competition. Now, more than ever success comes from being able to predict and respond to change. Today it's evolve or dissolve.

iMedia PurePlay is designed to inspire and inform you by showcasing the businesses, personalities, and ideas of those that have succeeded by evolving to capitalise on their new retail environment.

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