Future of Marketing Summit 2 - 4 September 2024
Gold Coast | Australia
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iMedia Future of Marketing Summit Australia

Next Event: 2-4 September 2024 | Sheraton Grand Mirage, Gold Coast


iMedia Summits serve as a catalyst for leadership development, industry evolution, and the cultivation of innovative relationships that propel business and industry to a higher standard. Review the criteria regarding the requirements for attending and submit a request to join us at this summit as an invited 'Brand' or via an approved 'Networker' pass.


Who qualifies as a Brand?

120 exclusive 'Brand' invitations will be issued to brand leaders, communications managers and marketing professionals vying to attend. These invitations are highly sought-after and include complimentary accommodation, hospitality and 3x days of world-class conference content. Places are granted to those interested in meeting, networking and learning alongside industry peers and potential collaboration partners in business. 

Those representing Brands who are interested in attending must be:
  • Senior-level decision-makers and budget owners 
  • Representing mid-large scale businesses with an annual digital spend of over AUD $800K  
  • Interested in learning from and networking with local and global industry experts.


Brand Invitations will be extended to Marketing professionals looking to meet supporting vendors providing services across: 

  • Marketing, Advertising, Communications and Emerging Technologies
  • Social, Influencer & Content
  • Data & Information Technology
  • Digital/Online/Website Management 


Who Qualifies as a Technology or Solutions-Providing Vendor?

Those working in MarTech for a technology or solutions-providing business or agency would attend iMedia categorised as a 'Networker'.

iMedia only releases *140 'Networker' passes available for purchase and these places offer access and unique opportunities to network and connect with quality prospective clients and customers throughout the duration of the three-day summit.

Vendors seeking a Networker Pass are professionals serving brands or businesses in any of the following areas: 

  • Marketing, Advertising, Communications (Strategy, Creative, Display, Programmatic, CTV, Gaming, Loyalty, Survey, Rewards, Native, OOH etc)
  • Emerging Technologies (AI, Blockchain, IoT, Metaverse,  VR, AR or Mixed Reality etc) 
  • Social, Influencer & Content (SM content or talent management, agencies & platforms)
  • Data & Information Technology CDP/DMP, Cloud services, Governance, Privacy & Regulation, collaboration tools and dashboards)
  • Digital/Online/Website Management (SEO, chat, Digital asset management, eCommerce, Analytics, Design/Dev)

A 'Networkers' Pass allows for the privilege of engaging in three days of meaningful networking opportunities throughout the conference to gain insights into the challenges faced by Marketers and senior leaders in Brand Management.


Sponsorship Opportunities 

A variety of sponsorship opportunities can also offer ways to build awareness and increase understanding of your business tech capabilities or solutions. Presenting opportunities within the conference sessions offers a high-quality thought-leadership platform and can inspire new clients representing exciting brands to work with you.

Submit your request to attend, below, and join us for the next iMedia Future of Marketing Summit Australia.

*Approved Brand invitations and Networker pass purchases will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis until all places are fully exhausted.  

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