Future of Marketing Summit 2 - 4 September 2024
Gold Coast | Australia
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Top Industry Topics 2024 

iMedia is preparing to dive deep into the most pertinent marketing topics of 2024.
With fireside chats featuring industry leaders, interactive breakout sessions, and stimulating roundtable discussions, we're on a mission to uncover the critical challenges and opportunities shaping the Australian marketing industry. Drawing from insights provided by our Advisory Board members, we've crafted an overview highlighting the top challenges and opportunities in the Australian marketing landscape for 2024.


Digital Trust and Business Sustainability
In today's marketing landscape, trust is at the forefront as businesses grapple with privacy regulations and data management policies, resembling explorers navigating uncharted territories. Looking deeper into the right balance between personalisation and privacy can show different views on building lasting customer loyalty and helping businesses thrive.

Unified CX & Personalisation
Crafting personalised experiences tailored to each individual customer has become the norm, but marketers face the challenge of navigating the fine line between compliance and creativity. This demands a symphony of data and empathy, where every interaction resonates with the customer's unique journey. How do we strike this balance effectively while fostering genuine connections with customers?

Changing consumer landscape, cultural shifts, and evolving demographics
Cultural, demographic, and behavioural shifts heavily influence the future of marketing. With our world becoming more diverse and interconnected, brands are compelled to grasp the changing cultural and demographic dynamics and tailor their strategies accordingly. How can brands navigate and leverage ongoing shifts in gaining insights into people's digital interactions with their brands to ensure relevance and resonance with consumers?

Social Commerce
With Social Commerce on the rise, businesses face opportunities and challenges in the digital realm. While platforms expand brand reach and drive sales, navigating this shift demands strategising for continued engagement, especially with influencers and digital storefronts. As brands explore innovative ways to connect with their audience online, they face the challenge of harmonising creativity with commerce to remain relevant and competitive. What strategies might help navigate this delicate balance?

Agile Marketing
In a world where change is constant, agility has become a survival instinct for businesses. Agile methodologies empower organisations to thrive amidst uncertainty, turning challenges into opportunities for innovation and growth. How businesses continue to embrace and enhance agility as a cornerstone of their strategies remains an open and evolving discussion.

Customer-centric Martech approaches
The era of personalised experiences and predictive analytics is upon us, revolutionising the ways businesses understand and engage with their customers. Leveraging MarTech tools isn't just about accessing data; it's about unlocking insights that drive customer delight and loyalty. How can businesses harness these transformative capabilities to forge deeper connections and lasting relationships with their customers?

Marketing Mix Modelling
As marketers wait for new solutions to emerge, improvements in current tools, and advancements in methods that don't rely on cookies, they are reverting to an established and reliable method with the resurgence of Marketing Mix Modelling. Discussions and sessions on MMM aim to provide a deeper comprehension of the benefits and showcase MMM's ability to perfect cross-channel strategies and use analysis techniques to determine which marketing efforts drive sales most effectively for those seeking a competitive edge and preparing for future success through forecasting and strategic planning.

Performance Marketing
Addressed was the increasing importance of AI & Machine Learning in campaign experience and optimisation. There is a rise in the significance of voice search and the need for marketers to adapt strategies accordingly. This summit will provide a great opportunity to hear presentations on these trends and strategies to stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape in performance marketing

AI-driven Strategies and Challenges
AI-driven strategies are at the forefront of discussions about the future of marketing, offering businesses valuable insights and opportunities for optimisation. As organisations increasingly harness the power of AI, they anticipate its exponential growth and transformative potential in reshaping commerce and consumer behaviour. How can brands fully capitalise on AI's capabilities and drive meaningful results in their marketing efforts?


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