Future of Marketing Summit 2 - 4 September 2024
Gold Coast | Australia
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2024 Theme


The more things change...

as the old saying goes.. the more they stay the same. Yet could it be that change is the spark for exciting opportunities and positive transformations? Rather than viewing it as stagnation, could classic marketing principles serve as resilient foundations guiding us through economic challenges towards lasting success?

The 2024 Future of Marketing Summit aims to explore getting back to basics in a modern context. While we have expanding touch points, new and inventive channels and the increasingly sophisticated use of data, does success lie in applying a filter of the basic principles of marketing?

It’s a chance for all marketers to take stock of where we are, keep abreast of the innovations out there and push forward in their own programs combining innovation with basic principles.
Current discussion seems to land back in the same place. How can we create efficiencies and drive tighter margins in an increasingly tough economic climate. There is no denying the squeeze is on. Increasing interest rates, the mortgage cliff and rising prices are causing the very real cost of living crisis. And consumer confidence, along with spend, is down.

How do we as marketers apply tried and true principles with all our new party tricks: AI, sophisticated personalisation through the better capture and use of data and the evolution of social engagement? Most importantly, how do we maintain sustainable businesses and ethical practices as the squeeze tightens even more

Answer. Getting back to tried and true, classic marketing principles. It’s all food for vibrant and informative presentations, conversations and practical hands-on workshops at this year’s Future of Marketing Summit.