Online Retail Summit 13 - 15 May 2024
Queenstown | New Zealand
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Next Event: 13-15 May 2024 | QT Queenstown, New Zealand


iMedia Summits serve as a catalyst for leadership development, industry evolution, and the cultivation of innovative relationships that propel business and industry to a higher standard. Review the criteria regarding the requirements for attending and submit a request to join us in Queenstown via an approved 'Retailer' invitation' or on a 'Networker' pass.

Who qualifies as a 'retailer'?

70 retailer invitations will be issued to senior digital product, transformation or eCommerce leaders representing enterprise-level retail brands who qualify. These *retailer invitations are highly sought-after and include complimentary accommodation, hospitality and 3x days of world-class conference content. The exclusive placements for leading retail professionals are reserved for those interested in meeting, networking and learning alongside industry peers and potential collaboration partners in business. 

Retailers interested in attending need to be:
  • Senior-level decision-makers and budget owners (ranging from $300K-20M+) 

  • Representing enterprise-level retailers with an annual company turnover of over NZD $100M 

  • Interested in learning from and networking with local and global industry experts.

Retailer invitations will be extended to retail professionals looking to meet supporting vendors providing services across: 
  • Digital Marketing & Communications

  • eCommerce/ Sales and Advertising Technology

  • Customer Service and CRM

  • Logistics & Supply Chain

  • Data & Information Technology 


Who qualifies as a Technology Solution-Providing Vendor?

 If you represent a technology or solution-providing business or agency, you would attend iMedia categorised as a 'Networker'

There are only *70 Networker passes available to purchase to attend this Summit. These passes offer access and unique opportunities to network and connect with quality prospective clients and customers throughout the duration of the three-day summit.

Vendors seeking a 'Networker' pass are professionals servicing retail/eCommerce businesses in the following areas:
  • Logistics and Supply Chain (inventory, logistics, fulfilment, returns, transport and warehouse management systems, tech, operations and programming etc)  
  • Data and Information Technology (Cloud services, IoT, machine learning, cybersecurity, data governance, warehousing and compliance etc.)
  • Digital Marketing & Communications (Content management & strategy, email & automation platforms, SEO/SEM Social Media & Influencing etc.)
  • eCommerce Sales and Advertising Technology (Platform solutions, checkout optimisation, Analytics and performance reporting, CRO, SEM, SEO etc)
  • Customer Service & CRM (Software, support systems & and platforms for sales, loyalty, feedback, survey, rewards or helpdesk programs. Payments, AI or chatbots etc. 

Networkers attend for the privilege of engaging in three days of meaningful networking opportunities throughout the conference to gain insights into the challenges faced by retailers.


Sponsorship Opportunities:

Exciting sponsorship packages are also available to collaborate with iMedia in producing these progressive events. Access via sponsorship packages and entitlements can enhance awareness and promote a deeper understanding of your business solution. This includes exclusive speaking slots during conference sessions which can provide a premium thought-leadership platform with the potential to inspire collaboration with the high-calibre retailers in attendance.


Submit your request to attend, below, and join us for the next iMedia Online Retail Summit New Zealand. All requests to attend will automatically form a waitlist once the summit's capacity has been reached. *Approved 'Retailer' invitations and 'Networker' pass purchases will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis until all places are fully exhausted.    

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