B2B eCommerce Summit 28 - 30 October 2024
Gold Coast | Australia
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2024 Theme


The hard work’s done, time to start the hard work. 

The future of Australian eCommerce is ours to build together. While we’ve all been working hard to lay the foundations in recent years, as a category we’re still very much in our infancy. Which means only one thing… opportunity.
This year’s theme for the B2B eCommerce Summit is filled with action, energy and possibility. While we all know where we want to go, now it’s time to light the fuse and explode its full potential. The conference will aim to cater to all eCommerce practitioners regardless of their level of maturity.
Initially, it will be important to recap on the foundations.  What are the important principles, technology and practices required to future-proof your B2B operation? 
We’ll also put it in context with the current economic climate. How can we build in efficiency to the BAU processes to weather tighter economic environments? How can we partner better with our associates to create more efficient and mutually beneficial economic ecosystems?
That’s merely the entree. The main meal of this year’s B2B eCommerce Summit is by far devoted to putting the foundations and strategies into practice. And there’s a lot of meat on the bones. Practical guidance and discussion on pushing the go button in your organisation to the greatest effect.
We can promise a vibrant discussion on tech value. How to use data to create richer more personalised and relevant experiences to drive business growth. How to safeguard our business from cyber threats and how we can use data to ensure compliance. And what role will AI play in the very near future?
Time for lift-off, ladies and gentlemen. Be sure to join us at the next B2B eCommerce Summit.