Online Retail Summit 13 - 15 May 2024
Queenstown | New Zealand
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2024 Agenda

Get ready for an insightful exploration into the world of Commerce. Our event features engaging keynotes, interactive panels, and fireside chats led by industry experts. Discover valuable insights and actionable strategies to boost your business success.

2024 Theme: Back to the future. Why retail is getting back to basics.

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Day 2

14 May 2024

7:00AM - 8:25AM
8:25AM - 8:30AM
8:30AM - 9:05AM
Keynote Session - Brought to you by Nicola Clement
Chief Experience Officer (CXO)
Adore Beauty
9:05AM - 9:30AM
Pioneering Applications of Generative AI: Strategies & Success Stories
Curious about the real-world impact of generative AI in retail? Transitioning from experimentation to expected returns in 2024, companies are harnessing the transformative power of this technology. In this session, two industry experts will showcase their unique applications through insightful case studies. Join us to unravel the practical impact, challenges faced, and lessons learned as generative AI takes a pivotal role in shaping the future of the retail industry.
9:30AM - 9:55AM
9:55AM - 10:05AM
Are your customers feeling the love?
Ever wondered how to take customer-centricity to the next level? Join two industry experts in this insightful session as they explore cutting-edge approaches to reshaping customer experiences. What are the core principles behind achieving omnichannel success, and how does elevating customer experiences foster lasting loyalty? Delve into the strategies that infuse AI and personalisation into the heart of customer-centric product innovation. This discussion promises to unveil tech-infused strategies, redefining our relationship with customers in today's dynamic landscape.
10:05AM - 10:35AM
10:35AM - 10:55AM
11:00AM - 11:20AM
Tech-Driven Personalisation: Scaling Customer Service in Retail
Discover the transformative impact of technology on customer service in retail. Explore how advancements in tech enable personalized experiences at scale, leveraging consumer insights to meet individual needs efficiently and effectively.
11:25AM - 11:45AM
AI-Powered Retail: Smart Strategies for Success
Uncover the power of AI in revolutionizing the retail landscape. Explore how AI-driven solutions are reshaping the industry, enabling smarter strategies that optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive success in the dynamic world of retail.
Sustainable Branding in Retail: Crafting and Sustaining Ethical Images
Explore the art of establishing and nurturing sustainable brand identities within the competitive retail market. Discover strategic approaches and tactics that not only create but also uphold ethical brand images, offering insights into how retailers can thrive by aligning their values with sustainability in a dynamic and fiercely competitive market.
12:15PM - 12:25PM
Thriving in the Social Commerce Landscape: Insights from Retail Leaders
Embark on a journey into the thriving realm where nearly 5 billion people connect—the heart of social commerce. In this panel, three retailers will share their firsthand experiences and strategies for thriving on social platforms. From direct engagement to successful partnerships with content creators, learn how these industry pioneers navigate challenges and leverage the vast potential of social commerce. Gain practical insights into the most impactful platforms shaping the future of digital retail and discover actionable strategies to elevate your brand's presence in the ever-evolving landscape of social commerce.
12:25PM - 12:50PM
How Can Retailers revolutionise BAU for Optimal Efficiency?
Join a panel of industry leaders as they uncover the hidden strategies behind streamlining BAU operations for heightened efficiency in the retail sector. Delve into insightful discussions highlighting successful optimisation tactics that have propelled these experts towards operational excellence. Gain valuable insights into revolutionising daily operations for greater efficiency and success in the competitive retail landscape.
12:50PM - 1:30PM
1:30PM - 5:00PM
Go Karting
Get set for an unmatched thrill ride at Go Karting Queenstown, the pinnacle of electric karting in New Zealand's vibrant adventure capital. Be ready to race on a 293m track, up to 45kph and compete for the fastest lap! 
Boat Cruise
As the boat navigates through Lake Wakatipu's most captivating vistas, you will have the chance to marvel at exquisite lakeside homes, a historical dam, and willow islands, all against the inspiring backdrop of the Remarkables Mountain Range. Drinks will be served throughout  the boat trip. 
Whisky & Spirits Odyssey: A Cardrona Distillery Adventure

Prepare for a journey that transcends the ordinary with our exclusive 1.5-hour Cardrona Tasting & Mixer session. This isn't just a tasting; it's a captivating exploration led by a seasoned artisan from the Cardrona distillery team.

Immerse yourself in the world of five meticulously crafted spirit infusions. Paired with a refreshing soda tonic and thoughtfully chosen garnish, each infusion is a sensory delight. The climax of this odyssey features a neat pour of Cardrona whisky, a moment of silent appreciation that reveals the whisky's nuanced layers and captivating essence.

5:00PM - 6:30PM
Free time
6:30PM - 9:30PM
Celebratory Dinner

Day 3

15 May 2024

7:00AM - 8:45AM
8:45AM - 9:00AM
9:00AM - 9:35AM
Unveiling current Economic Insights in Retail
Join us for an enlightening session with Shamubeel Eaqub! With a career spanning over two decades, Shamubeel brings extensive experience as an economist and a unique ability to simplify economic concepts. In this session, he will delve into economic trends, providing personalised insights tailored for the dynamic retail landscape. Don't miss this opportunity to gain real-time knowledge and practical strategies for navigating the intricate economic factors impacting Retailers today.
9:35AM - 10:10AM
Securing Tomorrow: Cybersecurity's Role in Business Transformation
Join us for a keynote on the crucial intersection of cybersecurity and business transformation. Explore the impact of cybersecurity on the evolving business landscape, with insights into AI/machine learning innovations. Learn how strategic cybersecurity investments drive forward-thinking solutions, addressing key challenges such as social engineering, ransomware, and cloud vulnerabilities. This concise session unveils the dynamic relationship between cybersecurity and the future trajectory of business evolution.
10:10AM - 10:20AM
10:20AM - 10:55AM
Client led round tables
10:55AM - 11:25AM
11:25AM - 11:50AM
Sustainability: Beyond Buzzwords
Explore how sustainability has become a core element rather than a trend in retail. Learn practical strategies and case studies showcasing successful integration of sustainable practices into business models.
11:50AM - 12:25PM
Building Customer Loyalty: Strategies for Sustainable Brand Growth
Unlock the secrets of loyalty in this dynamic session featuring three industry experts. Dive into detailed case studies showcasing the evolution beyond traditional loyalty programs. Learn how these innovators leverage customer data, personalisation, and digital experiences to redefine loyalty. Join the discussion with industry experts, including Mighty Ape, as we explore practical strategies for building and maintaining lasting customer connections. From tried-and-true methods to fresh ideas, gain actionable insights that will help your business stand out and keep customers coming back for more in this engaging exploration of loyalty reinvention.
Head of Digital
General Manager of Sales & Marketing
Mighty Ape
12:25PM - 12:40PM
Closing Remarks & Ultimate Networker Prize
12:40PM - 1:40PM

Day 1

13 May 2024

9:30AM - 11:30AM
11:30AM - 1:30PM
Retailers Only Lunch
12:00PM - 1:30PM
1:30PM - 1:40PM
Free Time
1:40PM - 1:50PM
1:50PM - 2:15PM
2:15PM - 4:30PM
4:30PM - 6:30PM
Free Time
6:30PM - 7:00PM
7:00PM - 9:30PM
Welcome Dinner

The official Welcome Dinner & networking reception held on the first night is the perfect avenue to build relationships with key conference delegates, speakers, and sponsors in a more relaxed atmosphere. 

Opening Keynote - Retail Insights Unleashed: What's in store for 2024?

Join Fleur Brown, Chief Industry Affairs Officer at the Australian Retailers Association, as she peers into the future of retail. Explore global trends, dissect the Australian market and unveil New Zealand's unique retail landscape. Be part of this visionary journey as Fleur offers a glimpse into what lies ahead in the ever-evolving world of retail. 


Chief Industry Affairs Officer
Australian Retailers Association

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