Agenda | 6-8 September 2021

Day 2

7 September 2021

6:00AM - 7:00AM
Mindfulness Yoga
6:30AM - 8:30AM
8:30AM - 9:05AM
Opening Keynote
9:05AM - 9:40AM
9:40AM - 10:05AM
10:05AM - 10:15AM
10:15AM - 10:45AM
Morning Tea
10:45AM - 11:10AM
11:15AM - 11:40AM
11:45AM - 12:10PM
Break-out 3
12:15PM - 12:50PM
1:00PM - 5:00PM
Activities - Sailing
5:00PM - 7:00PM
Free Time
7:00PM - 9:30PM
Gala Dinner by the Pool
9:30PM - 12:00AM
After Party

Day 1

6 September 2021

9:00AM - 1:00PM
Brand Delegate Registration (check-in time is 3pm)
12:30PM - 2:15PM
1:00PM - 3:00PM
Sponsor and Networker Registration (check-in time is 3pm)
1:15PM - 2:15PM
Networkers Light Lunch briefing
2:15PM - 3:30PM
Free time
3:30PM - 3:40PM
Welcome and opening remarks
3:40PM - 6:00PM
Business Connect
6:00PM - 6:45PM
Free Time
6:45PM - 7:15PM
Welcome Drinks
7:50PM - 9:45PM
Dinner & Networking
9:45PM - 12:00AM
After Party

Day 3

8 September 2021

6:30AM - 8:40AM
8:40AM - 9:15AM
Opening Panel
9:15AM - 9:50AM
9:50AM - 10:20AM
Brand Lead Round Tables
10:20AM - 10:50AM
Morning Tea
10:50AM - 11:20AM
11:20AM - 11:55AM
Keynote | What the Fork?

In simple terms, the global pandemic has created two business realities: Forks and Accelerations. Some things will never be the same and will take on new directions, while other technologies and social shifts which were bubbling under the surface have been accelerated. These represent economic opportunities for those with the wisdom to see them, and the courage to act on them. This revolution is 20 years young and a crisis is a terrible thing to waste, and we’ve got a rare chance to change everything while people’s minds are wided open.

Are you brave enough?

Steve Sammartino
Opening Keynote
11:55AM - 12:00PM
Closing Remarks
12:00PM - 1:00PM
Recovery Lunch